Monday, December 28, 2009

Wabble Wobble First Steps

As soon as the video camera turned on he had some stage fright and it became more an exercise than fun. But we can honestly say he had his first steps last night. To celebrate, Grandma bought him , his first pair of Stride Rite (SRT's) :) Natural Motions

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas as follows....

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year. We had a very nice one ourselves. Christmas Eve I worked while Jeff, Amie, Grandma and Jay prepared dinner . We had Yummy Brussel Sprout Hash, Stuffed Shells, Chicken Parm and Steaks on the Smoker. Alistair got a very cool present from Amie and Jay this year, a CD with his name sang about 90 times ! It was insanely funny :) Along with his yearly Godson ornament and Christmas book. Alistair gave them a framed finger painting portrait and a Dunkin Donut ornament.
Christmas morning we were hoping to sleep till 6am at least, but Alistair said "no way" and got us up at 5:30am. As you will see we look half awake , but very excited about Alistair's second Christmas.
In the afternoon we joined family at Aunt Judy and Uncle Dave's house with some of our cousins and grandma. Lots of fun, lots of food to eat.

Its 5:30am time to open presents!
Let the opening begin!!
Grace had to make her appearance in our photo
Jeff opening one of his gifts..lots of clothes this year for him
Opening my favorite gift of the morning ! The Killers Concert on wonderful hisband got me this because I wasn't able to see them live a couple of months ago, due to our trip to Florida. I watched this concert for hours while eating Christmas Breakfast!
Trying to sneak away and go play with his toys
After opening all our gifts...the messy results! Alistair wanting to get to "playing" !!

Jeff looking like a character on Nubu (cirque du soleil) after Jordan ran up and placed this suction cup toy on top of Jeff newly shaven head !
Mother and Son having a great time this Christmas
Heather, Matt and Jordan portrait
Steven , Amanda and Elijah portrait
Family Portrait to end the night
Christmas is about family and we enjoyed our so much this year :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Party Weekend

WE attended tow parties this weekend. An ugly sweater and a Polar Express PJ party . We didn't get pictures of the ugly sweater party, but you can view them on the Blech's Blog to see. We had so much fun at both and we are so lucky to have such good friends!

Our Hosts Brian and Mel for our annual Christmas party ! The theme was Polar Express and we were to come in our PJ's. Really wish we could have gotten some pics of Jeff in his "Remove before Flight boxes" and Jack Daniels tshirt...worst ! Yummy food was served too. Turkey Medallions and Pork Chops from Dream Dinners...gonna put that on my order too :) Thanks for a great party guys

Jim and his lovely gal Janine ...newest member to our gang
Mark opening colorful packages and Ray hoping to snatch it up by rolling doubles. After we eat we gather around the tree and exchange one gift from each person. Then we roll the dice to snatch one or hold on to it for dear life...AKA Amanda holding onto her Massage Envy Gift Cert
Mean RAY!!!! Taking a toy from a little girl
Josh and Molly laughing at some of the gifts being exchanged
Jason and Rebecca anticipating a very good gift
Brian got the lovely Snuggly in the Zebra print
A Game of Charades was the perfect game to end the night
Me trying to act out Nostradamus Effect for us girls. Never even heard of some of the shows we had to do.
Funny we never got any pictures of the guys acting out any movies or tv shows. TV shows were by far the hardest to do for both teams I think. Two of the shows were Finis and Ferb (girls) / Voltron (guys)
Thanks to our hosts we had a great Christmas Holiday Weekend!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finger Painting Fun!

So Mommy and Alistair were feeling kind of crafty today making last minute Christmas presents. I pulled out the Finger paint Alistair got for his birthday and it became a very messy project. He loved every minute of it though. He kept grabbing my fingers and putting them on the paper with his. He gets so serious when he does something new, then when he likes it he doesn't want to stop :) Off to the bathtub with him now !"What is this new kind of mess I can create with my fingers" !?
Look mom , ONE Finger !
Maybe we shouldn't have done this project right before naptime
End Results !

Thanks Amie and Jay for the paint and supplies! More artwork to come

Friday, December 11, 2009

Just Being A Boy!

All the new things that boys like to do .....
One being "getting dirty" , oh yes I've decided that clothes can always be washed and bathtime never gets old. Alistair loves to discover things like dirt , mud and sand. Can't wait till he see Snow someday soon. He's a such a joy and a wonder to watch each day. I'm so glad that I'm able to watch him grow and become an awesome little boy.

Happy Boy !!!
Loves to be out on the porch when the weather is nice
Another wand and dirt
Chillin out in my strolller getting ready for one of my long walks with Grandma and Papa
First 5 & Diner Experience
Checking out this ride at Game Daze at the Mall
He can now feed himself : apples, graham crackers, raisins and stick cheese at snacktime
Playing with my favorite Pet Grace and of course my spoon
Number 2 haircut
Alistair is growing growing growing each day and right before our eyes. Couldn't love this baby anymore than we do :) Can't wait to see each special day

Friday, December 4, 2009

Babies and Holiday Crafts!

A playdate was in order for Kiera , Kate , Alistair and I and since we were each watching two other lovely children (Marissa and Draven) , we decided to go to Kiera's house for the morning and do some arts and crafts. It was a much needed visit for both the moms and babies to be together and have a ton of FUN. So funny that I had both boys and Kiera had both girls. The very same ages. Alistair and Marissa are both 1 and Kate and Draven are both 9 months. So was so fun to watch them all interact and each baby did so well that day that we decided to have another craft day again soon :)

Babies Babies everywhere!
Happy Boy , with Kate's Santa hat on
We were so domestic today , I love it !
Delicous frosted cookies to take home
Our craft was making "count down till Christmas" links out of red and green paper . The babies will pull off a link everyday till Christmas
Alistair was checking out Kate's new ride "the hippo" and loved walking it up and down the hallway and living room
Thank you Kiera and Kate for such a great morning !:) Alistair loves his dates with Kate

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Part Two!

Remember when......
Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We started our day bright and early making pies and getting the Turkey in the smoker. We had to capture Alistair's Growth since his first Thanks giving.

Jeff Making Sweet Hawaiian Dinner Rolls...oh so yummy
Overall Thanksgiving went off with a Bang ! Lots of food and lots of weight to lose now...I think we will wait till Thanksgiving :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A visit To Santa

So we took at family trip to the Mall on a week night while no one was shopping or in line to meet Santa, the timing was perfect because...Alistair was in his PJ's like he had just took a trip on the Polar Express! There was a baby in front of us ...just screaming his head off because he was afraid of Santa and his elf. When it was our turn...Alistair marched up to Santa's lap , had a small introduction and smiled for the camera. I'm trying to decide which picture to frame and I think I need your help in choosing.

This one Alistair is checking out the lap he is sitting on and finally getting the meet Santa for the first time !In this one I think he's got a little twinkle in in eye...thinking "santa will never know just how good I really am"
I think in this one he is most angelic and is wondering if he too could be one of the elves

Please comment on which pose you like best !

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Playing Dress Up!!

We decided to make more use out of the backdrop we had setup for photoshoots of the costumes we had on Alistair's 1st birthday party. After a couple of costume ideas from the gifts he received, we decided to have our own little 1st year photoshoot with them on. The bomber jacket and the pilot helmet and sewn in googles were some of the presents we used as props!
I love how a couple of these shots turned out. We are so proud of our little 1 year old !

Marnier and Gigi bought this little rocking horse for Alistair's 1st birthday and he loves to play cowboy. The boots are a little big yet, but he's growing into them fast.
Thank you for the props and costumes provided by the grandmas , grandpas and great aunts !