Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our little Music Man

As you will see, Alistair has had a couple of bumps since his new walking adventures and to cheer him up a bit, Grandma got him this cool Cat Keyboard!!
Playing the music , singing into the mike and dancing has been so much fun for him, even through the bruises. Of course once the video camera was on, the singing stopped, hope that doesn't mean he'll have stage fright. Alistair is such a such a joy to us and we love his new little explorations he learns everyday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Florida Trip: That's a Wrap!

It's A Wrap!

We had such a good time this trip, so glad Jeff could make it with us. Since Rosanna and Justin are getting in November , that means we will defiantly back then .
Marnier was so proud of her grandson and all his new little things he can do now. We wish we all lived closer so that our trips to see each weren't so far apart.
Jeff wanted to show off his smoking skills for saturday nights dinner , by making a brisket . I guess in order to make it the best of the best, he must have a "meat injector"......long story short we finally found one at the local Kmart (of all places)
As part of their Christmas present, we took their engagement pictures at the Vinoy in Downtown St Pete, didn't have alot of light that night, so we had to continue on Sunday
The lovely Justin and Rosanna
It was really nice to get a night out
After Engagement Photo shoot Number 1 we got really hungry and went to this amazing Italian restaurant with the happy couple. I had pasta pillows with pomodoro sauce and Jeff had sausage red bell pepper pizza...all the pasta and pizza are homemade...really delicious
Jeff making me a Egg White omelet, yummy
Pickle time ...loves his Kosher dill's
Marnier and Shawn's new pup Lester
Grammy and Alistair having a great time under the patio listening to the rain

Alistair enjoying some pancakes and good ole southern grits
Sunday after church we went to the Fireplace restaurant for breakfast, it was really good
Had to snap a picture while we looked purty, Rosanna looked so beautiful on her 2nd day engagement photoshoot

Yes I was that Florida tourist that takes pictures of the drawbridge ...yep I admit it
We had to stop at the Candy Kitchen to get Homemade ice flavor was Chocolate Brownie and Jeff got Vanilla Peanut we blew our diet a little
Crazy I know , but this is the bathroom at the "Candy Kitchen" very clean I might add
Its a tradition between us to have a glass of Sangria , it all started when we turned 21 at Kokopeli's in Dade City. Mom made homemade Sangria that day and it was amazing
A very short trip this time, but lots of fun :) So glad the whole could come. Till next time Florida !

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day One and Two of Florida trip

First thing we did when we arrived in Florida was to wash all the Phoenix and airplane yuckies off the Babe!
Happy little Cash
Chillin (literally) out on the patio , mommy in pj's

Tara getting her hair cut in sun with some well needed humidity in the air

Alistair showing Grammy his new tricks

Baby is all ready for his first trip to Disney World and epcot center !! His first ride was the Pirates of the Caribean
Us with Jasmine and Aladin

I think this was just outside of Storyland after the Small world

Leaving Magic Kingdom while under construction
This is in front of the Epcot Ball, the people that took our picture forgot to capture that for us

Tara's second favorite Disney character is Sleeping Beauty...Snow White was too busy in Germany to have her picture taken with us
Little snack break in France , we enjoyed a cheese plate , glass of Bourdeux and a Napoleon
Silly Baby just loving Disney
Here we are in China watching the Dragon Aggans doing their amazing acrobats!
Yes, Jeff is the one to the left of the troll , Alistair was worried he had two mommies.
We made a quick trip through Norway.

Had an awesome dinner experience in Mexico (Epcot) . Donald Duck even joined us decked out in his Mexican garb.

Thank you Aunt Ro and Uncle Justin for making Disney and Epcot possible for us to go to on this trip, we truly had a blast and Alistair soaked it all up.
Can't wait to come back

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

4th Trip to Florida by Alistair

Here we go again, this time with DADDY!!! We are taking off Tuesday afternoon and land wayyyyy passed my bedtime in Florida. Since we are a 2 hour difference it may not be so bad afterall. This will be my 4th time in Florida to see my Grandparents and my first time going to Florida with Daddy. We really wanted to spend Christmas with them , but my parents figured that this would be a better time to go :) We have the whole vacation planned out for us and we are really excited about going. My mommy will be posting blogs with pictures and stories about me I'm sure.

Wednesday after we settle all in , we plan on having Christmas #3 with Marnier , GiGi and Grammy
Thursday morning bright and early we head to Disney and go park hopping alllllllll day ! My first time ever

Since Aunt Ro and Uncle Justin are engaged , Daddy will be shooting their engagement pictures at the Sand Key Beach where they are getting married on Friday

Date night for my parents with Aunt Ro and Uncle Justin at the Tapas Bar while Marnier and Gigi babysit me
Will play some good ole Guitar Hero with Aunt Shawn and Uncle Sam on Saturday

Back Home to Arizona on the 18th!

It seems as though our vacation to Florida is all planned out , more updates soon with our progress:)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting off the New year Right!

Well New Years Eve Jeff and I had all the expectations to go out and "party" maybe try out Westgate's Big Event or that new Sangria Lounge down the road. Since we love making plans and then breaking them to stay home and relax it was an even better night after all. We made our last fattening meals of the year ! In and Out and Little Ceasers Hot and Ready! Deliciousness , because after the night NO MORE FATTIES !!!
Each of us Family members (Bob , Kathy , Jeff and Tara) have decided to do our own "biggest Loser" contest . Each of us weighed in and set a goal weight and body fat loss. Its up to each of us what our diet will be and how much exercise it will take to accomplish that goal. Bob left for Somoa today so he will be checking in with us on his weight loss periodically. For rest of us , its gonna be all in our faces how each of us are doing.
After a night of Eating and Trival Pursuit playing on DVD ..ahem ...I WON!
We decided to set out early the next morning for some Geo caching at the Dreamy Draw Trails, before heading back home for Football ....ahem GATORS and taking the Christmas decor down.

Here's us finding a Micro Cach on one of the trails....won't give away its location.....
HAPPY NEW YEAR from the McNeill's
Hope this year brings everyone lots of love, hope and peace....okay thats a bit cheesy but, you know what I mean:)