Sunday, May 22, 2011

Four Tickets to AZ please

I've been so behind on postings , due the major adventures lately, so I'll start out by making excuses.
We journeyed out to AZ to show off our newest addition, Ms. Autumn. Our vacation started Good Friday and Easter was spent in the desert and we had lots of fun
Alistair picked the very last fruit of the season
Poppa and Alistair blazing the trail
A little family hiking with some geocaching on the side
Daddy and Sissy
Getting a family picture takes alot more patience nowadays
Alistair and Autumn chilly on a beach towel under a tree
Autumn's first bathing suit
Easter Sunday , ready for church and some quick family photos
The kids wearing their easter outfits from Me Me

Visiting our friends in AZ, Autumn meeting Amie and Deon for the first time

Jeff and I got to sneak away for a night and we went to Sedona and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. Along the way we did some cachingHere's our awesome room and even got ourselves a treat and got massages....well deserved

Took a hike along Devil's Bridge (full sun) and the Bridge was 100's of feet high
So of course we crossed it like fools

We had a great time in AZ, now its your turn to come visit us in OHIO !