Sunday, July 27, 2008

Construction Finito...

The Guardian's Room, AKA Alistair

This weekend project that spanned the confines of the once McNeill office, now the future residence of one Alistair Travis M, was completed at 12pm July 27th 2008. From top to bottom the room has made a complete transformation. A combination of an "Rare Earth" brown and "Tropical Breeze" blue compose the walls with a white chair-rail division. The furnishings, including an armoire, changing table, crib and rocking chair, all fit into the colour scheme and are cleverly arranged.

-Final trim touchup

-Bassinet provided by Grand Mariner and GiGi.

-Sleeping Beauty

-"Sitt'n back, relaxing all cool"

-Proud Parent with about 12 weeks to go

-North East Corner

-South East Corner

-East View, All Done!

-One Happy Family

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Under Construction...Day 1

So today starts the beginning of getting the nursery ready for Alistair. After getting the furniture moved out and the room taped up we started working on the trim.

If there is painting involved, no one is more eager to help than Grandma McNeill.

Well when ever there is work to be done you HAVE to have a experienced supervisor! Enter Great Grandma Messler

After working hard in the nursery Jeff decides he needs a little break and rough houses with the dogs. Fiona is such a vicious dog (enter jaws theme here)

Ok enough play, back to work. Jeff takes his first attempt at putting up a chair railing. And after some fuzzy math and luck he manages to figure it out.

Day one results..

And we are all "Dog Tired"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lack Of "Grace"

This is the look she gave me all night after the exciting day she had terrorizing the couch . So Grandma McNeill Pick up her early this morning to give mommy a break while she's at work. Grace will join her best friend Fiona in planning some more puppy tricks she can play on her parents while they are away. Can't wait till this "puppy " phase is over ! But I still love my little Grace.

Dog Problems... We've got a few

So here I am in Houston, hanging out with the other pilots who have nothing better to do than play some video games, when I hear my phone beep at me. Thinking nothing of it, I let it sit for a couple of minutes until there is a break in the action packed game of "Risk". So then I decide to pick up my phone and take a look at what mail I received. And I get two pictures from Tara in my text messaging. Happy to see pictures of my wife and her smile I was excited to see what they were and thats when I saw these..........
. And this one

Seems as though Gracie... Who we thought was getting out of her puppy phase and ready to be a "big girl" dog and stay inside the house..... GOT A LITTLE BORED. But she is still our baby. Who needs couch pillows anyways!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tara At Work

So we all know what Jeff does now ! So let me tell you a little bit about Tara's work day. She is a Service Coordinator/Office Manager of a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon's office in the Heart of Scottsdale (Snottsdale) where she sees a good amount of Body parts needing some extra improvement.
So check out the office's website at
She loves her job and thinks her Doctor is the best there is. Only downfall is the hour and a half drive each way to and from work. The doctor has even offered one of his several rooms for her to spend the night on long clinic days.
Out of the mortgage industry , she finds herself very happy in the career of medicine and hopes one day to pursue Pediatrics, but will have to settle for being a mommy for now!

What pilots really do

Well back in Houston once again. I thought I would take a picture and show people exactly what pilots do while they are on reserve. As you can see all three of us are being paid to play video games. Its rough on the road sometimes!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

First day, and our first post

With the upcoming events that are about to happen, Tara and I thought it would be best to create a BLOG so that all our family and friends can stay informed on the latest McNEILL ADVENTURES!

We are both very excited about the upcoming arrival of Alistair Travis McNeill. Today we went out and bought a camcorder for the event. Jeff is really excited about taking pictures/video and posting it on here for everyone. Tara is excited about capturing the baby's first moments for the family and her traveling husband to see.

We went for our 3rd ultra sound on last friday to see the little man growing. Everything is going great and he is squirming around a lot.

Thats it for now, stay in touch for future updates!