Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving and Park FUN

Our crazy little monkey is getting so tall and loves to play in the park as much as possible While Daddy is here they get lots of outside time together so mommy can work and rest a bit
Blowing kisses !!!

Pumpkin Carving 2010, gonna make it Thomas Train this year

Alistair thought the pumpkin guts were "yuck" and really funny

When he got some on himself, he shouted "yuck " Yuck"

Grammy observed the carving process

Such talent
I decided to make pumpkin seeds , so I mixed a bunch of spices, roasted the seeds first at 250 for about 15min and glazed them with sugar , then added, cumin, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and more sugar...they were gooooood

Our Pumpkin Thomas

Delicous pumpkin guts

Spooky Hollow Jeff

Put our pumpkin by the scarecrow for all the kiddos to see on Halloween

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kim's 40th Birthday Surprise

My dear friend Kim turned 40th this week and because it was a milestone birthday we threw her a surprise party at her parents house. Now her parents having been traveling the country in their RV and they have used their home for many parties while they have been gone. Kim had no idea that we had them hiding in their room until she got over the itial surprise that everyone was there to surprise her. She never expected them to return from their travels until the holidays. As she was walking into the house she was trying to call them on their cell phone

Rosanna and Justin were there for the festivities
Alistair found a Barney doll , that he fed plastic fruit to the whole night

The girls, Corrine (Kims daughter, our babysitter), Kristin (Kims sister) Kims Mom and Kim

Savannah , Kim and her mom , showing off her pink heals!

Kim , Corrine and Kristin are doing the 3 day Breast Cancer walk and have been gearing up for it for weeks, with fund raisers, and lots of exercise. Kim got socks to replace the holey ones she keeps wearing
Wouldn't be an over the hill party without Granny panties...these were hilarous

We didn't stay too long because Jeff and I had to be at the airport at 4am for his flight back to Ohio. Plus Ms. Autumn was giving me some contractions

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rosanna's Bachlorette Party/Scavenger Hunt

So a few more weeks till Rosanna's big day and it was time to begin Bachlorette party activities. I got inspired by my parents Scavenger Hunt that they were a part of last month and thought how fun that would be to do one as a Bachlorette party. Rosanna is having a photo booth at her wedding reception and needed items for her treasure box of props . So I select some pretty crazy items and broke up the girls in teams (Team Sexy and Team Sophiscates) and threw in some photo wild cards and away it went.
Hunt was to start at the food court at a local shopping mall and end up at the resturant Rosanna choose called Seasons 52.
Girls had 2 hours to get all the items, but because our bride was late, their time got cut into the hunt a bit.

The Bride to be arrived finally, so the hunt can begin We had 8 girls , so the teams were split up in teams of 4.
They went over the lists and I got a couple raised eyebrows, cause some of the items were going to be really hard to find at a mall

Rosanna and her team members decided to spilt up , so they could win the game faster
Looking over the mall directory and wondering where they were gonna find a grass skirt and coconut bra

One of the items was a movie popcorn have to go through the ticket guys to buy the popcorn , when they saw garb that Rosanna was wearing they let her right in with out a fuss

Tammy and Rosanna got hungry along the way and eat some popcorn to keep their energy going

A quick pose with their items

I even got put on a item and get a picture with the bride
Does team Sexy have all their items yet??? Hmm I think they need to get some picture wild cards
The end of the hunt is at the Seasons 52 resturant. Every meal on the menu is organic and under 475 calories. Rosanna has frequented this place many times and knew the menu pretty well

Team Sexy is the first to arrive, but Team Sophiscate ended up winning because they got all their items
Here's the lovely Kristen with a gift for our Bride to wear out that night

Here's a look at the list that were created for the hunt, as you might be able to see the items and wild cards got a little crazy
A picture of a pregnant woman's dinner at a organic food only resturant....I was dying for french fries!! The plate had tofu, red bell peppers, carrots and I begged the waitress for bread

Here's a pic of the chicken ceasar salad Kristen got, it was beauitful

A view of the table

Rosanna had a great night out after the hunt and dinner, I was able to go out due to being too pregnant and had to relieve my grandmother from babysitting that night.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Trying out my New Camera

So I got an early birthday present this year. A new CAMERA! Its green and its just the right size for those candid pics I take everywhere. I've been taking so many pics with my camera phone and had to erase a ton of good ones to make more room for more. Jeff really spoiled me this year and knows how much I wanted to take pictures of our little adventures. Here's some good ones this week:
A little trip to the beach with my new camera found us a little adventure with a little crab
He was a fiesty little guy for sure, he just came out of the ocean to meet us

Jeff of course captured him to show Alistair
So funny looking with his big black eyes on top of his head
Alistair was inthralled and liked that he was trying to pinch the stick and escape
Don't get your fingers too close!
Time to let him loose back to his home in the ocean
Here's his close up...on his way back home
Not my favorite picture of us, cause I'm looking a wee tired from the days events.

Found a little woody wood pecker in the tree above us. Pretty loud sucker.