Monday, April 26, 2010

Water Fun in the Front Yard

Alistair and I had
lots of fun playing in the water this afternoon, worked up an appetite for Italian food , so we took Grandma out for dinner !

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bye Bye Baby...

The time has come to take Jeff to Houston for training and because training takes many weeks, he needed his car while he was out there. So together we took the journey to Texas and here are our many adventures......

Had to get the New Mexico sign, for some of our New Mexico people. Yes the Land of Enchantment certainly brought that excitement on the you will see in the next few pictures.

In the meanwhile...back in Phoenix Grandma and Alistair are awaiting there plane that will take them to Colorado. Southwest gave Alistair a little plane to play with.

Driving down the road playing the alphabet game and other such nonsense

Had to get a picture of Mom & Pops Pyro Shop, one day Jeff and I will retire and have one of these stores...including the Herbie in the parking lot
So we were hoping for some Texas BBQ and boy did we get it. RIX I will never forget you! This place will be in my nightmares. So Ft Stockton, did not have a ton to offer us , in fact this was the only open restaurant we could find. Someone was smoking meat outside the store while the little grandmas inside were serving it to the locals. The special was "fried catfish" in which neither of us tried. Jeff piled three types of meat on his plate, while I begrudgingly place a piece of dark meat chicken on mine....ohhh the horrors!
Yes one of us liked our dinner and the other did not, can you guess which one?

Had to take a picture of this card display ...I love the spelling of Samantha and on the way to this town , there was a town called Marfa, instead of it !
In the meanwhile....back in COLORADO...our boy is having a blast playing on the slide with his cousins
Our GPS detoured us to a little German town called Fredericksburg, TX and passing through we just stopped and grabbed a bite to eat at this place in hopes of some authentic German food. Next time we will have to spend more time there to really appreciate it.

I really wanted to take a picture of the waffle I ate this morning in the shape of Texas, but this will have to work.

We arrived in Houston , after many hours of driving !
Jeff took me to the training building first thing so that I knew where he would be the whole time.

Fortunately for us, we brought along the Forman Grill , not originally intended for leftover from last night , but it worked because there were absolutely no microwaves in the entire hotel, believe us we searched, even climbed to the 10th floor where "the club lounge" was to see if we could find luck

and this is how I left Jeff..head in the books...well laptop studying like crazy getting ready for the first day of class.
and this is the plane that took me home. Poor US Airways plane that was so old they didn't have self operating a/c and they haven't removed the ash trays from the arm rest yet....hahaha
From all the studying we did , I could recite those flows myself and pass that silly test ...just kidding :)
Will be glad when everything settles down finally and we can all be together again.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter Peoples!

Wake Up Alistair !! Its Easter Morning :) See what the Easter Bunny brought you .
Daddy and Alistair Easter Morning
Third Easter hunt of the weekend. But he loved finding them all over the house
Checking out the cool things the Easter bunny brought him
Alistair wanting to take a little swing before church. His outfit was my favorite to put together this year. I got the hat and the saddle shoes from my store , the rest of the outfit was gifts from Grandma and Poppa.
Happy McNeill Family !
After church we went home clean the house and awaited the family gathering for dinner and more Easter Egg Hunts. There was so much candy and eggs everywhere and I wasn't able to get pictures. Its exciting to see holidays through Alistair's eyes now, make us feel like kids again