Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Rocky Mountain Adventures

Our little Jumping bean had smiles and laughs all night long
Loving the Johnny Jump...He jumped until he fell asleep

Having a great time at the Denver was Aunt Tara's turn to take the boys on the carousel

Looking for the dancing penguins
Chewing on my fingers while watching the Bird show
The Denver Zoo was awesome..the Grizzy Bears were the best

First Encounter with a Real horse, someday he'll be riding one of these

Horse and Grandma Time

Despite 6 teeth coming in while we've been here...he's had a great time visit Colorado

Alistair was loving the farm...such a serious little farm boy

Getting all the boys together for a picture is hard work, but we made it happen

Well Alistair and I are having a blast in Colorado. We've been playing with our cousins and spending time with Aunt Jen and Uncle Casey. Since we've been here the weather has been amazing for us Arizona people, its been in the 70 's and 80's during the day and the nightly storms makes the temps go into the 50's ....nice!!!! Its been so wonderful to breath such fresh air and even Alistair has been sleeping so much better because of it. Here are the highlights of our week so far. Thanks to Aunt Jen for taking the pictures for us, all the pictures I've taken were on my phone and not so clear. We miss daddy a whole lot though and can't wait to see him on Saturday. Some of the adventures we've had so far have been going to the local Farm in Fort Collins, going to the Denver Zoo and figuring how to jump in the Johnny Jump!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sedona Picture Fun

Sedona yellow flower fields
Church in the Rock
Tree vs. Jeff
Alistair and I loving our new Kid to Kid find ..thank you Kiera and Kate
Grandma posing in front of a beauitful ivy arch we found on the trail
This tree was pretty well carved with Love notes from many passing hikers
We went on a 4 mile hike called the Call of the started to thunder and rain a little

Monday we decided to take a trip up north and escape the heat of the valley and also to try out Alistair's new backpack. What a beautiful day it was too.. Jeff got lots of pictures for his Fine Art portfolio and I got to enjoy the fresh pine air. We took Grandma along too for some geocaching along the way. We picked up a travel bug at the Sedona airport and packed it away for our trip to Colorado on Saturday. Sedona's red rock will never cease to amaze me in their beauty. Sedona is very close to our hearts because we were married there. Hope you enjoyed the pictures

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jeff Birthday Evening Out

Our date at Cafe Boa and Theater
I had the Pinot Noir flight from Austria....pretty good
Really dark picture, but I'm sporting my new hair cut in this picture
Happy Birthday Babe....29 looks great on you
this cheese plate had walnuts, dates, grapes as well as amazing fresh cheeses from the market
I got to wear my new red shoe for the first time , and I got quite the blister from them too. I wore them in honor of Nessa's shoes

For Christmas we recieved "wicked" tickets and were able to pick the date of our choose when to see it at the Gammage. So I decided what better time to see it then on Jeff's birthday. Since the show was at 7:30pm , I thought it would be nice to go and get some dinner and have a little date while grandma so generously watched the little man for us. So after a suggestion from Amie and Jay we went to Cafe Boa in Tempe and what a wonderful time we had. Jeff and I both got flights of wine and a cheese plate so fresh from the market where the resturant goes each week. I ordered the Rosemary Ravoli with Creamy Cranberry sauce and Jeff got the Ravoli with red and white sauce. The food was amazing and so was the company. We sat there and really enjoyed watching people and catching up on "us". The Gammage was packed, not a seat open for the musical "Wicked" . I have seen this musical on Broadway in NYC with my Mother, Stepfather and Deon many christmas' ago and it was amazing then too. I was impressed with the roadshow and even the "stand in's" for "Wicked" . Jeff made me promise not to sing the songs or quote the lines , even though I was doing it under my breath. I recondmend you read the Book to fully understand the musical, but the book is NOT for children....
The pictures we took were with my camera phone so they were pretty dark, so bear with me.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Couldn't wait till Halloween

Silly hat
Hoping this still fits by Halloween this year...maybe a shirt by then
His pilot Teddy bear
he has an amazing smile like his daddy's
standing on his own now , with no help from mommy or daddy
Black and White everything but the costume

Jeff and I couldn't resist giving Alistair a photoshoot with the new backdrop we created this weekend... We were only planning on testing the lighting for our maternity photoshoot on Sunday , when it turned into a costume Photoshoot for Alistair. He was quite a trooper and loves his daddy's new camera!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby's First Camping Trip

Packed and Gassed up for the long drive to Prescott
Our Camp Site
Baby Num Num...rice teething treats for babies..went well with the camping experience
Oops , grabbed the wrong kind of tent
Early Morning Breakfast before heading out to fish

Fish had all gone away for the 4th of July holiday apparently at the beauitful Lynx Lake
Discovering the cache under a pine tree, hidden under some rocks

So on a whim we decided yesterday morning to go camping that evening in Prescott. With no real plans, we packed up the Jeep,the Babe and Headed out for his first trip out in a tent. Well much to our surprise we grabbed the Beach cabana instead of the tent and had to spend the night under the stars ! It turned out to be just fine snuggled up close in our combined sleeping bags with Alistair between us. We roasted hot dogs and marshmellows for dinner. In the morning we got up really early and headed to the lake for some fishing. Well the fish weren't biting this morning so we decided to do some geocaching!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The most interesting baby in the world

Making Music!

Just hanging at home with Alistair early 4th of July morning and I came upon an idea to make some noise of our own. Grabbed some pots and pans out of the cabinets and some wooden spoons and let the baby go to town on them.
He's grasped the idea to make noise, but the hitting the pot part will come to later I think.