Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Heart Happy Weekend!

Happy Valentines EVERYONE!!!!
Its been awhile since we've taken good pics of the Babe and so I got a couple of good ideas using puffy sticky hearts on fishing wire and hanging from the ceiling . The rest is history!!

After the little mini photoshoot Alistair and Daddy playing stick the hearts on the face game... it was really cuteOkay the pictures are going start getting blurry ...I apologize , these are from my phone camera

Thursday we went to our first Valentines Party with the Mom's Club and this is Alistair's Party Face ! Boy does he take after his parents :)
This Box turned out okay considered it was our "first Valentines box " we've ever made !
Alistair and I really enjoyed our Valentines Party with the Mom's Club
Friday I decided to take the boys to the park ! We gotta enjoy the weather while it lasts
I love that we can go to the park and I can see him enjoy it so much more now that he is walking all over the place
The boys love being outside !
Happy Birthday Kate !!!! She turned 1 this week and we are so excited to come to her party . The theme was Alice in Wonderland and what an amazing job Mom and Dad did with all the decorations and made this party so cute
Kate and Alistair looked so cute in their outfits...Kate made a great Alice in wonderland

Kate did much better with the cake and all the paparazzi then Alistair did at his first birthday party
Happy Birthday Draven! He turned 1 on Saturday and we were invited to celebrate that with his family. They had lots of delicious Mexican food and a really sweet slideshow of pictures of his first year
Alistair playing with Draven's middle brother..slamming some hoops !
Yes we went to our VERY First (well Alistair and I's first) Nascar Party this Sunday . The home was decorated with every nook and crany representing the sport of Racing. A gentleman that Jeff works with (a pilot no less) invited us to join them in watching his favorite driver , among the other talented drivers race the Daytona 500!
Here's our boy , being a boy and playing in the rocks in front of the house

My men enjoying the going round and round ...sorta soothing to them I think
Here is lovely Amie (sorry the picture is blurry) enjoying a piece of meat at the party
While everyone was watching the Race or shall we say the "road being patched up for hours" Alistair went on a long walk and found the St. Vincent Di Paul Thrift Store. We found this Alistair size vacuum and this very nice man who run the store gave it to us , because we went a walking without my wallet :)
Monday we (Jeff, Deon , Alistair and I ) went to the Arizona Science Museum and had a blast at this "hands on " place. I had Culture passes from the library and had never been here before. It turned out to be a really fun afternoon for us. We had lunch at "Crave" which is a little sandwich shop in the ASU complex nearby.
Alistair found a house just his size at this "Making a House " exhibit
Ooo can we get a "bed of Nails " !! Not !
Jeff found alot of fun in the Water and Dirt exhibit...hey that's for the kids to play with !

Inside the Museum was the shell of a US Airways airplane. we had fun making up trips we were taking with Alistair and Auntie De
We really enjoyed spending our day at the Museum with Auntie De ...she went on our make believe trip with us
Leaving the Science Museum on my Daddy shoulders, the way I came in
As you can see our Weekend was packed with lots of Happy Moments!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I've added a Link/Blog

Yes I'm in Love! My dear Bud Amie introduced me to this Blog/website called Pioneer Woman. I think Amie actually got the cookbook as a gift from her sister and WOW !
I think this maybe the Martha Stewart of my generation. I really wish I had all creativity and ambition to do all the ideas this lady has. I'm trying the Roasted Carrot recipe tonight...there's only 3 ingredients in it...Jeff will really like that !
This Lady even homeschools her kids! I'm putting this on our blog , because it will remind me to be motivated into doing things the "old fashioned way" and giving my family the best of my abilities (with a little help) from Pioneer Woman.
Someone asked me what Era I would ever go back and live and I've always said Pioneer Times!
Hope you all enjoy this blog /website along with us :)
thanks Amie :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some New Happenings

Well Alistair turned 15 months on the 4th and we are so proud of him! Dr. said he's in the 85% percentile in Height and is taking after his Daddy in more ways then one. He's mastering walking now and can't wait to go places he hasn't seen yet. He has even shown alot of interest in our "throne room" (the bathroom where the potty is) .

This is the probably the safest picture to put online for you , but we captured plenty of really funny ones for our family album and later to show his girlfriends in the future ...hahaha

We know not to expect Alistair to use the Potty right away , but are introducing it !

Alistair's new "Kicks" , got these at my store "The Childrens Place " on sale for $3.99 and with my discount it came to about $3 dollars! I love my part job night job, its got its benefits thats for sure.
Daddy and Alistair at Sweet Tomatoes! We love this place, especially when we are trying to eat healthy. Its just sad that the prices on the buffet keep going up and up...but Alistair eats for free!

Our visit to the "Luv Sac" store at AZ Mills...lets just say these sacs are not intended for babies or children to enjoy. I learned something new at this store thanks to my educated Mother in law...hehehe
Yep that;s our first visit to Hobby Lobby with Alistair. As you can see he's having a little stroll down the silk flower aisle. This place is amazing btw! Its like Micheals and Joann Fabrics on Miracle Grow! So many projects inside ...we could spend hours there
Its not often that I get "Alistair and Mommy" time alone like we used to , but when we do its Moments like these that I cherish.
Can't believe our baby is 15 months now and doing so much. Before we know it he'll be off in school , I never want to rush though...

I need to keep up on my postings, but as you can see we've been pretty busy

Monday, February 1, 2010

An Engagement close to my Heart

Here's the amazing couple Justin and Rosanna who will be Married in November ! I'm honored to not only take their engagement pictures but also to be in their wedding. Gives us yet another excuse to visit Florida this year.
This picture sorta looks like a filmstrip, we captured this through the hotel window
Oh so sugar sweet !

This incredible monster of a tree is called a Banyon Tree and yes it is one tree in the picture
Loved taking these fun shots with them, they were so darn easyI really wanted a sillolette picture on the beach and this was the perfect moment

I love this photo , because the flower and the seagrass is actually very vibrate colors and we made it a pastel
After the shoot we stopped by the famous "Candy Kitchen" for some homemade ice cream and a little relaxation from all the beauty we captured on the beach...hehehe

A little late posting these, but the photography tends to be a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the editing.