Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Looking Back Two Years Ago Today.....

This is how the Adventures Started !

I married the Best Man I have ever known. Happy Anniversary Honey!

Of course there was alot of preparations to be made that day

Then there were some that smiled and relaxed through it.

Then there were some experts on how to make every detail perfect

Then there were some experts on how to make every detail perfect

They were some really proud parents

They were lots of happy moments!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone !

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boys and their Toys!

Well after many hours of sorting stuff for the garage sale on saturday, Jeff sat down with his big Box of Old Childhood toys and began to play !
A side of my husband I have never seen came out in this garage. From Comic Books, Transformers, Gi Joe's, cowboys and indians and of course Star Wars Toys.
We watched on and laughed at how he was excited about really old stuff, one comic book especially made him happy to see again!

Apparently he had quite the Crush on Ms. Veronica, she even went to Germany to visit him in this comic

Jeff's parents garage is now filled to the brim with items for this weekends garage sale at Bellaire!

Baby Alistair was even dressed in Jeff's old bonnet , he was too busy playing with his own toys to notice he looked like a little Dutch boy