Monday, December 13, 2010

To Grandma's House we go

Because we are celebrating actual Christmas in Colorado this year, we thought we would celebrate a little earlier at Grammys. Plan was to get into our Pj's and make roast beef and turkey sandwiches and watch Alistair play with his presents! Eggnog and Sparkling Grape juice was also on the menu. It was a dreary cold day outside so it was perfectly christmasy on the inside on Grammy's house.
We took out the old photo albums and remembered past Christmas' . We had a nice relaxing day. Grammy is a multitasker
Thomas the Train set from Aunt Shawn

Aunt Shawn, Bella and Autumn..just chilling

Autumn in her Christmas Pj's

Alistair feeding the Geico, he named him Tattoo, no idea where that came from

Sisters being silly in our PJ's , Shawn had to lower herself to my short stature

Laughing with Grammy is one of Alistair's favorite things to do

Very Ticklish boy

Me and my little man had a great earlyChristmas this year. Can't wait to spend it with Daddy in Colorado

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

McNeill Florida Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving ! This year we celebrated a day early because Jeff worked on Thanksgiving. Unforatunatly we had planned on having dinner with SKip , Mom and Grammy as well, but Grammy fell and broke some ribs and ended up in the hospital that night.
We were left to fend for ourselves and everything turned out delicous! The next day (thanksgivingday) I remade some of the dishes I had made the day before so that Mom and SKip could have Thanksgiving when Grammy returned from the hospital.
Jeff smoked us a Turkey , it was amazing , great job babe
Alistair smelled the Turkey smoking and came out to smell it...he loves to use his sniffer
Here's the Beauitful Bird , ready to eat....there's an annual turkey picture we do every year with baby of the year, which this year was Autumn, but picture is on Jeff's camera , which I could not get to download properly to insert here...its really cute I will ask him to place on here on another blog

Partial family pic with the Turkey
Stuck the turkey in the oven to stay warm , while I finished the rest of the dishes, don't worry oven wasn't on when Alistair stuck his head in there

Thanksgiving dinner plate: Turkey, Cranberry, Stuffing, Brussel Sprouts (myfavorite thanks Amie), Mashed potatoes
Okay now here's a family picture! Had camera on timer, so we never knew when it was going to snap, hence the expressions
Our Beautiful panda on Thanksgiving

She's got some lungs on her, think we made a little lion instead of a Panda
Sunday Aunt Shawn asked Me, Alistair and Autumn over for yet another thanksgiving, her husband Sam worked Thanksgiving as well and they celebrated Sunday instead. These pics are taken at her mom and father in law's home

Me and Shawn stuffing much for trying to lose the baby weight
our funny little man
Aunt Shawn and Alistair

Alistair had great time playing Shawns twin nieces
Alistair on Trigger the mini horse
our little princess
hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!