Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blogger excuses right!

We have arrived in OHIO!! Ready to start the unpacking and settling in, we couldn't have done it without my amazing Father in law Bob
Here we are in front of our new home, don't you just love the banana color ?!

Here's the nightmare unpacking journey we are about to take! No way our bed was fitting up the stairs so we had to sell it , along with our dining room table, couch and china cabinet....oh well . Jeff and I wanted new furniture bought together anyway. These (excluding the couch ) were all my things orginally

Tober likes her new diggs , lots of new places to sleep . I was so grateful to have Jeff around to help with the unpacking !!!

Jeff is taking grilling to a whole new level in the snow !!! I believe it was about 15 degrees that night, but the chicken he smoked was fantastic HAPPY FACES !!!!!
Alistair trying on Mommy's boots , both kiddos are loving their new home too. Lots of laughter in our home

One day last week we ventured to the WESTSIDE MARKET, so far by far this is my favorite place in Cleveland. It was a hit with Alistair as well. Our trip here was very tasty and we even brought home dinner that night. The market add every type of food to sold there. I just had to try the French corner and get a crepe...delicous Jeff went to the Greek corner and grabbed a Gyro...the line was about 50 people long...crazy

Jeff carried around Autumn in Snuggi and Alistair took a little break at times from all the food samples to sit in his stroller , while I pushed him and our food around.

Here's the best view of the market...It reminds me of grand central station in ny without the trains. Every inch of this market had food

Our little Baby Girl Autumn ,where did she go? Can you see her in this picture?

Reading time with Daddy and Big Brother is always a good time. She's very interested in what we are doing all the time and we always try and include her

Here's the lastest on the babe , she actually likes tummy time
Even likes her brothers bumpbo

So happy to have our own place once again and even though we may not be in Cleveland a while, we are enjoying the time we are having right now.