Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beach Day with Grace

So technically Grace wasn't allowed on the beach as we were promptly told by a walker on the beach and if caught it was $150 fine...ouch! We only got to stay about 15 min . But she had a great time as you can see.
Alistair likes to "walk" her, she's so good and gentle with him and didn't go into the water until she saw him go in
I wanted to capture the school of dolphins that were swimming 30 ft from the shore, but they were way to quick
The tide was pretty low at 8am, but the water was still perfect to swim in , around 80 degrees, too cold for Daddy he said

My little water children
Alistair wanted to keep going, but we kept a close eye on him . Keep having nightmares of him jumping in the pool without me ...wakes me up right away
Sun was just coming out when we got the shore , nice breeze with sea gulls flying over us
Alistair could spend all day there, but we quickly left after hearing about the fine

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Disney Here we come !

So we had to use our FREE Disney tickets before they expired in December and we just couldn't figure out when to go with all the different reasons like, being pregnant and walking too much, wanting to fit it around Jeff's awful schedule and we didn't want to bring a newborn to the park either , so last week seems like now or never.
Daddy and Alistair on the first ride in Disney

Family photo time in the monorail....we were excited!!
Mommy and Alistair on a chooo chooo train!!!!

I think this may have been his favorite ride

When he saw Mickey and Minnie is what like they were old pals, he loved them

Winnie the Pooh ride
Riding the carousal was a hit....he wanted to do this several times

Daddy's favorite Disney cartoon, Sword in the Stone

Naptime!! Slept about an hour in stroller
Jungle Cruise ride
Stearing the Boats
First day for all the Harvest decorations, park closed at 7pm for the Halloween party that we did not go to, but it looked fun for next time
Awe and it came to an end with the Parade.....Disney isn't just for kids

Monday, September 13, 2010

Waterlogged and Bar B que

Well here's a couple of days in one blog. We been doing Florida in style from Sonny's Barbque to Splash Parks.
Jeff had his usually barbque craving and wanted to try Florida's version on the subject, so I took him and Alistair to Sonny's. James just so happened to be in Town , so he met up with us that afternoon and the men enjoyed ACE (All you can eat ) chicken and Ribs. Alistair ate his ribs much to my dismay and all seemed to like it alot....many many refills of ribs and chicken
Alistair with a big plate of ribs, cornbread, green beans, and chicken strips. He's mimicing his daddy's face as he is chewing corn
Jeff enjoying yet another helping of ribs and barbque

Had to take a picture of the cup for those Sonny's fans
At the park in a jeep they go !!
Two old men in the bathtub
Silly bubble face
Looking for something to do , found this amazing splash park , completely free and postively the most fun we've had together in Florida yet. We spent 3 .5 hours here, part of the time it rained , but we never knew it , cause we ALLLLL got wet.

Love their expressions on this slide, they are so similar , it cracks me up
Very wet , but happy Mommy and Alistair Really had a great afternoon at the Splash Park , despite the rain , everyone got soaked including me. We will be back for sure . This week will be Jeff's only 3 days in a row off for September, so I think we are gonna use our Disney Tickets tomorrow!!! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Play me a Song your the Piano Man

Alistair was showing us his piano talent this weekend. Hoping one day we will get him piano lessons, but for now this was his little interpretation of beauitful music