Saturday, October 31, 2009

Birthday Present from Florida

WOW what a big surprise !!! Marnier and Gigi bought me a horse for my 1st birthday , I can hardly wait to ride him !
English saddle just like mommy's

I love my new horse
When I squeeze his ears they make noises

Alistair loves his bootsMe and my horse are best friends!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Celebrating 30 years !

Starting the weekend Friday night when my wonderful in laws took me out to eat for my birthday. I wearing the necklace that my mother sent me in this picture. The restaurant was in the same plaza we go to for the farmers market every Wed night and we wanted to try it out. We were not let down either the food was amazing and at the end of the meal they gave us each a shot of Sambuca with three coffee beans in it, representing Past Present and Future. We were to eat the Present and Future and leave the Past bean ! Did I mention the Sambuca was on fire as well....whoa !
Once we got home ......
I was changing the baby into his pj's when they set this all up for me. I was surprised by the beautiful cake from AJ's they picked up with my favorite flavors Raspberry and chocolate .
Wonderful family celebrating my birthday
Milk does a body good
Very excited about my new ipod! Since Grace ate my last one
Hey it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't have pictures of Alistair in it

My most favorite gift from my husband was the DVD he made of all our "changes in 2008 " I was in tears on some of the most special moments like our son's birth and our trip to Roaton.
Alistair and Grace crawling around my feet while I opened presents
Sunday,I wanted to find a way to get all my friends together for my birthday and since its football season I thought what a better way to do that by having everyone meet a my favorite sports bar "Buffalo Wings Wings" (BW3's) So Jeff and I started saving tables and eating wings at 9:30am till our movie started at 3:30pm..whoa long day , but alot of fun. Thanks to all my friends that made it ! The movie "Couples Retreat" was pretty funny too..See it with your spouse !
All the football was starting to make us ladies a little crazy so we tried acting like our husbands by putting on their sunglasses

Monday Night (my actual birthday)In my beautiful new dress from my mother. Jeff took me to an undisclosed location for my birthday dinner. I was pleasantly surprised at his research on this fabulous restaurant in Phoenix. It even inspired us to start our "Two to Review" blog coming soon . All I will say now is that it was Italian cuisine and that they specialize in their homemade pastas. It was amazingly wonderful to sit across the table from my husband and enjoy a dinner for the two of us.

What a fantastic birthday weekend, that I will remember for years to come. Thanks everyone who made this day so special for me.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Date with Kate!

So much fun when we get the little babes together for the day. They are always glad see to each other, wish we lived closer . Decided to take them to the park after a little shopping and have our sacks lunches under the trees. The park we choose was the McCormick Railroad Park and there's lots to do there for kids. There's a train that runs through and a carousel ! Even a Caboose that has very reasonable snacks . After playing under the trees and swinging on the swings we enjoyed some Vanilla Frozen yogurt . What a fantastic day it was !Alistair and Kate sitting in a tree.......

Momma forgot to pack the sunglasses ..sun's too bright
Kate being a big girl and standing up without help from momma
I love this picture, Alistair is being all grown up and reading the pamphlet we got at the park with his legs crossed
Didn't get to go on the train this time, but the babies waved as it passed us by

Had a great day at the McCormick Railroad Park as you can see! Love our fun dates with Kate

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nice Long Weekend!

What a great weekend we had! Lots of relaxing , a little decorating, some horseback riding and alot of FUNAlistair just chillin under the tree with his new windmill toy !
Jeff making the house all spooky and stuff
Putting up the giant spider web
The dogs were excited about decorating too...they love to help out
Ready for Alistair's first birthday party and Halloween
Beautiful horses
Missing our boots..oops! Moses the horse is saying "come back , you can still ride me"
Alistair making his introductions
Chuck is getting Zip the horse ready for our ride

It was really nice to be back on a horse again, its been years since I've ridden
Taking off for my ride of the afternoon
Alistair thought it was really cool to be sitting on Ms. Jody the horse...loved her mane

Started the weekend off with a little decorating and relaxing with our family (dogs included). Every year Jeff does such a great job decorating for the holidays. Sunday we were invited to our friends house to ride horses and have Cowboy Bar B-que ! We had so much fun . I haven't been on a horse in years and this was Jeff's third time riding and Alistair first ever ! He didn't ride just sat up on top of the horse I rode (Ms. Jody) Can't wait to ride again

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Haircut!

So our little man was being called a "girl" on many occasions and we finally held off no longer to get his beautiful locks cut. Mommy and Daddy were so sad to see the hair fall to the ground. Alistair was so great during his salon experience and actually loved sitting in the airplane chair while being cut. We took him to a place called Little Chops off of Bell Rd. and we were very happy with the results !"Hold back the paparazzi , its my First Haircut and I'm gonna enjoy this"
"Whats the big deal mom? Its just hair , no need to cry"
Our Hairdresser did a great job keeping Alistair all smiles during the shearing
Needed to chew on his comb for some support
Alistair was shaggy no longer !

Thank you Little Chops for making our experience great ! Love the certificate and the leftover hair we got to keep.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Real Italian Boy!

Since Alistair has been so curious about our food , we decided to give him some spaghetti to try out. Boy were we in for a surprise when we saw how much he enjoyed it. His Grammy and Mariner would be proud to see his love for Italian foods.Happy Boy ready to enjoy his first Spaghetti dinner !
"you want some ?" Alistair has learned to share his food and his toys now
A nice attempt made by the little dude
Some of the noodles made it in and some didn't
Licking off all the sauce off my little fingers

I think overall Alistair's first Spaghetti experience was good and messy ! Lots of clean up time for this little boy. Big smiles when he was all finished !