Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Florida Trip at 10 months old!

Another Fabulous trip to Florida and seeing it through a 10 month olds eyes was amazing. Our trip was 10 days and we think we were able to get everything we needed to have Fun done while we were there! Can't wait till January
Just got off the plane and onto a Train !
Little Family Reunion in Dade City meeting all our new cousins
Piano Man at Aunt Shawn's house
Lunch at Kokopeli's with all the fine ladies
So much Green he didn't know what to do
Aunt Shawn and Uncle Sam !
Aunt Shawn's new horse Augustana
Trip to Dade City to Visit Family and Friends
Grammy and Alistair "Cash " Time
Some bedtime reading "Victoria's Secret" starting young
A very tired well traveled mommy with Alistair's pilot hat
Learned how to "give five" with GiGi
Love me some Pastina...Stars all over my face

Pretending to Fly in the swing is his Favorite at the park
He climbed the stairs (with help) and reached the top of the tower
Not sure what this was exactly but it bobbed up and down and he likes anything thats bounces
Sliding is one of Alistair's favorite things at the park
Pool time !
For my birthday I was surprised with cooking lessons at Cafe Largo
Chef teaching us how to chop up a chicken to make the stock for the soup
Chopping up the bagettes
Torching the French Onion Soup
My delicious Chocolate souffle
Us and Chef Dominque at the end of the night
Had to capture this happy face
Loves to stand in his new boots
These boots are made for walking
He had a cabinet of tubberware all to himself
Megan and Alistair had lots of fun together....he missed his puppies at home
The beach was a little scary for the big guy this trip , I think it was the rush of the waves
A little tired boy wasn't quite ready to jump in the ocean just yet
We just couldn't miss our storytime at the library , so we checked out Mariner's library pretty cool
So many babies at the Pinellas Library....we had a blast watching him play
All Dressed up and Ready to go on our Girls night, it was so nice to feel like a girl again with these ladies
What a lovely way to start the evening with a little "feet time"
Getting pedicures before Dinner at Tappas
Been Best Friends for 20 years !! Here's to another 30
All dressed up for the Cancer Benefit Ball , it was a 1920's theme, we shopped all day looking for a wig for Mariner
Goodbye Hugs from GiGi
A kiss goodbye from Mariner all dress up for the 1920's ball
Had to get creative with the "lack of" a high chair...he ended up on my lap to eat that night
Nothing like a Kitchen Sink Bath after a wonderful dinner to end the night
Loving Grammy's big bed to sleep in during naptime!
Alistair just completed his first ever "REAL" crawl , I got the video on my cell phone, but his expression was priceless because he was so proud of himself. Now I'm running around the house chasing him !
Our picnic on the floor at Grammy's house waiting for Aunt Ro to pick us up for the day
Here's our little man in boots at the Boot Ranch sign across the street from the old neighborhood I grew up at . It was very cool to show him this because as a kid I would pass this everyday.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In Florida Minus the Pictures

Sorry everyone, we aren't able to post pictures of our trip just yet :( Issues with my mothers camera. Alistair (Cash) and I are having a good time. We are soaking up the humidity and enjoying our East coast family . I was surprised last night with a Birthday present from my mother and Skip. Cooking Class at Cafe Largo...a real french cafe with an amazing chef. We made French Onion Soup, Chicken with Cream Sauce and Chocolate Souffle ....unbelievable. I'm bringing the reciepes home to AZ to make it again for my husband.
We are missing everyone and will be home Monday , stand by for updates and pictures when we return.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Disneyland ....What???!!

Due to Jeff and Tara needing a little time away from reality we decided to go crazy and spontaneous and go somewhere. We tried looking at flights in order to use our benefits before they expire and found no flights available. We racked our brains all night , till we came up with a drive to CALIFORNIA, which turned into a trip to Disneyland for the day. I have never been there , so Jeff was so excited about taking me. We left the little bean at home with Grandma for the first time overnight EVER! I thought I couldn't make it but I did .
Some of the rides at Disney were closed and we weren't able to see all over California Adventure land but the weather was great and we took off our adult/parent hats and ran around like kids !!

On our way with the Sun in our eyes to Cal i forn ia !!!!!
These windmills are HUGE, the box that holds the blades to the pole can hold up to 50 men !
You Guessed it ! DISNEYLAND

Our VERY first ride at Disneyland...in the tram to the park
Just in case we forgot where we parked , so nice to have cover parking
Couldn't believe we were finally here..! Disney here we come
THIS is NOT the Cinderella Castle I know and love, it shocked me when I compared it to the Magic Kingdom....Jeff just laughed at me the whole time we were there cause I kept saying..."why is everything so small" !!!!
The Alice in Wonderland ride...wanted to take better pics inside but it was too dark and too fast
Scary picture of what I may look like at 80 years old. This was taken in the Innovations at Tomorrowland
I told Jeff to look Terrified in this picture ! We were experiencing the Hotel Tower of Terror . I screamed my head off while Jeff simply enjoyed the 100 feet drops in the elevator ..The lobby of the Hotel Tower of Terror....ooooooooo

The Last Ride of the day was of course the Small World. Alot longer ride then I remembered :)
Overall it was a fantastic time being a kid with my husband !! Thanks for a great time babe!