Monday, August 23, 2010

Beach and Airport weekly Trips

Alistair, Rosanna and I went to the beach for her birthday on Sunday, it was so fun to see Alistair's new reaction to the new state we are living in. He's been eating fish and spending more time in the water then he ever had before. I think we've created a sea monster with all this water time. He even loves getting in the shower now. Potty training is really coming along as well. We are so proud of him.
Aunt Ro at the beach with us

My handsome little man, getting his surf on

Mommy and Alistair in the sun and sand...almost naptime we were thinking

My little man in the sand...spent a little over 3 1/2 hours there, could have stayed longer

Waiting at Mommy's favorite place in the country ...TIA baby

Grammy and Alistair waiting for the train to bring in Daddy

I love the ancipation in Alistair's body language, missed his Daddy so much

Alistair back in his daddy's arms again, after a long week without him

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rosanna's Shower

Well Rosanna's shower was a success, even helping to plan it from Arizona turned out to be one great event. Many friends and family were there to celebrate with her and she has a blast as you can see from her pictures. I'm very proud of her and can't wait for the wedding to be there.
Kim painting her first glass of the night
Corrine giving us comic relief with a painted on mustache

Kristen making those glasses shine !

Sam using her creative energy
Deon deep in thought with her glass painting

Me and Sam in our green dresses, I think great minds think alike cause the next day we both wore blue
Sam cooking some amazing Tapas dishes
Glasses and Sangria all ready for the shower to begin

The surprised Bride at her shower

Me and Audra
Most interesting gift at the shower

Random bow off the gift...her Aunt Jemima look

Rosanna in her hat made of bows, she will also use this as a bouquet for her rehearsal

Me and Deon in Blue
Rosanna the Bride and Deon

The cake was decorated with our theme Sangria and Tapas

The Marble cake from Publix was ohh sooo good .

Us being silly at the end of a Shower Success! time for a nap

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Beach

Here we are at Clearwater Beach ! as you can see Alistair had a great time enjoying the waves:)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thank you Arizona!

Ok before I get all warm and sappy about this state, just know its 11:30pm and I just left my girls night with Kiera, Amie , Krista and yes Jay couple hours ago and on my way home it all hit me and what I'm about to leave behind. Thanks for the laughs, lasagne and good times guys , love all of you.

Coming to AZ in Jan of 2003 was a HUGE change in my life and in the following pictures I will show you everything this state and the will of God brought to me.

Hanging out with some old and new Chase peeps in Tempe....what a great welcome to a state I had never been to and how instantly I became one of the gang was life changing. Transferring from Tampa to Tempe had been scary , but as you can see it got better
Made some life long friends from Chase in Tempe, Dmoney !!
Going out on the town with my girls Deon and Destiny, thanks Deon for sticking with me all these years and helping me drive out to Florida to move me back
Bringing friends with me from Florida to AZ and enjoying their company at Buca di peppo, ,miss you Troy, hope you are well somewhere in Ohio...great memories
Meeting life long friends at my First Magnus job in Scottsdale, Thanks Annie for always being a listening ear.
Taking my good friend Dan the Man to the Wild Zoo in Verde Valley
Meeting this GUY and introducing him to my 1# kid Tober at my apt in Scottsdale, meeting Jeff on a blind date that his mom and my aunt setup was the best thing that could have ever happened to me out here

Taking Rosanna to Sedona and running in my first marathon, she was overwhelmed by Sedona's beauty and what a great girls trip
Watching Brian's Jeff best friend marry Mel ,
Getting to see this magic happen on the dance floor of their wedding , thanks Ray
Getting engaged to the love of my life
Grandma's 80th surprise Birthday party
Our Beautiful Sedona Wedding March of 2007
Our Wedding Reception in April

Building our first house in El Mirage

Good Times at the Big Bang with my amazing In Laws, Kathy and Bob have made the most wonderful family to me out here and I couldn't have asked for anyone better in my life. Kathy you've become such a friend to me as well as a mother in law

Surprising Jeff with his new Green Egg in our unfinished backyard Bringing home our first dog together from the Humane Society , Grace

Crazy Murder Mystery Parties with our "Hobbit Friends" you know who you are, Mark, Sheno, Mel and Brian
Having Jay and Amie in our lives to make our new house warm and welcoming, these people will always be there for us and vice versa, we are so blessed to have them
Celebrating my birthday at our favorite German restaurant Haus Murphy's
Starting our mornings with amazing sunrises and watching the hot air balloons go up
Took Trip up north to Flagstaff to see the snow, only a couple hours from the valley
Having our wonderful roomate Mark experience our new life changes with us and being our live in IT guy
Having our First Child Alistair in Scottsdale and starting our family out
Getting to Meet Keira and Joe and Alistair's buddy Kate and watching her grow up
Amie and her favorite little ones Alistair and Kate together at "our place" Paradise Bakery on one of our many lunches together
Having friends like Steve, Connie, Chuck and Carrie will always be a part of our lives , loved the horsebackriding and the ranch style Bar B Que's

Family adventures in Sedona are family favorite memories of this state and I must say its still my favorite city in the country.

Arizona you've been good to me and thanks for the memories