Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Autumn Loves the Beat of Michael Jackson

Guess who we caught dancing in front of the computer...haha

Autumn has also danced (by herself) on the floor during belly time listening to the same artist. I think Autumn just generally likes good music

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Autumn's 4 month Photo Debut

Our Little Panda Princess is getting more beautiful by the day and wanted to capture her 4 month old age in my Sister's Blue Sailor dress
We love her little elf ears !!!
Such a sweet baby she is , love to see her smile everyday

Sledding is better then Disney

Just when we thought Winter was over snow hit us hard again and boy we were excited , because we had just received some sleds from a family that out grew them and we were all finally better (not sick) and wanted to hit the hills of snow !!
Learning how to dress for winter and snow has been a challenge for this Floridian. I think Daddy keeps from laughing at me whenever I buddle up too much , but I rather be warm ...right !!
Yes I'm the crazy mommy that brings her 4 month old outside in the snow on top the hill to watch us sled...She slept the whole time
Alistair loved the sledding down the hill part , not so much the walking up the hill part
I'm not one for uncontrolled speed, but I was having a blast listening to him laugh and giggle the whole way down the hill
Yes Alistair my two year old went down the hill by himself......LOVED IT!!
As much as I am happy to see Spring , I'm gonna miss sledding until next year

Friday, March 11, 2011

Autumn's first Food

Our Baby Girl got the go ahead on trying cereal, so we picked up a box of Gerber rice cereal and went to town. She loved it and chomped down on that spoon so hard wanting moreSuch a big girl in her Brother's bumpbo..
She pierces her pretty lips together all the time
Of course we are only giving her a little bit a time right now, between regular feedings she has about two cereal feedings a day, morning and dinnertime
She's a champ with that spoon
A satisfied little lady and off to bath she goes