Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Part Two!

Remember when......
Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We started our day bright and early making pies and getting the Turkey in the smoker. We had to capture Alistair's Growth since his first Thanks giving.

Jeff Making Sweet Hawaiian Dinner Rolls...oh so yummy
Overall Thanksgiving went off with a Bang ! Lots of food and lots of weight to lose now...I think we will wait till Thanksgiving :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A visit To Santa

So we took at family trip to the Mall on a week night while no one was shopping or in line to meet Santa, the timing was perfect because...Alistair was in his PJ's like he had just took a trip on the Polar Express! There was a baby in front of us ...just screaming his head off because he was afraid of Santa and his elf. When it was our turn...Alistair marched up to Santa's lap , had a small introduction and smiled for the camera. I'm trying to decide which picture to frame and I think I need your help in choosing.

This one Alistair is checking out the lap he is sitting on and finally getting the meet Santa for the first time !In this one I think he's got a little twinkle in in eye...thinking "santa will never know just how good I really am"
I think in this one he is most angelic and is wondering if he too could be one of the elves

Please comment on which pose you like best !

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Playing Dress Up!!

We decided to make more use out of the backdrop we had setup for photoshoots of the costumes we had on Alistair's 1st birthday party. After a couple of costume ideas from the gifts he received, we decided to have our own little 1st year photoshoot with them on. The bomber jacket and the pilot helmet and sewn in googles were some of the presents we used as props!
I love how a couple of these shots turned out. We are so proud of our little 1 year old !

Marnier and Gigi bought this little rocking horse for Alistair's 1st birthday and he loves to play cowboy. The boots are a little big yet, but he's growing into them fast.
Thank you for the props and costumes provided by the grandmas , grandpas and great aunts !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We Return to California !

And here we are at the Sign again...this time with Little Man. Jeff was invited by the government to take the ATC test (Air Traffic Control Test) on Monday . The test was going to take up to 8 hours and very near our good friends "the Jarman's " home in California. They were wonderful Host's and had a beautiful home. It was so nice to meet Liam for the first time as well. We drove up saturday afternoon after Jeff got home from work and the drive took about 5 hours. Alistair had his first LONG road trip and did very well indeed. The weather was really nice and gave us a break from the 90 degree weather in Phoenix. Can't wait to come back and visit again. Alistair was super good the whole way to California and the whole way home...didn't nap much but sang a ton!
Jeff was getting bored and decided to take pictures of the inside of the car
Making dinner in the Jarman's kitchen ..made Pesto Pasta Chicken...loved it !
Our Friendly Host Chad !!
Our Amazing Hostess Angie

Alistair and Mommy relaxing after a really long drive
We took the family on a little outting in the morning to the graveyard across the street from the Jarman's home. Got lots of cool misty pictures to post later...Walked down Hollywood Blvd and stumbled upon my favorite actors signature and footprints..I should have put MY feet in there...ah well
The Kodak theater , where many stars have walk the red carpet into
The Hollywood sign was hard to see with all the Fog that day...but we saw it
Standing on many signatures and footprints...even Whoopie 's dreadlocks
One day we will come back and see a movie here
Had and stop and take a picture with Mickey Mouse
Dark Spider Man wizzed by us
Samuel Jackson stopped to pose with usSamuel and Jeff exchanged agent's phone numbers
What !!! We ran into Snopp Dog as well...what luck !
The Griffin Observatory
The Amazing ceiling inside the lobby
The Back side of the Observatory and on top of the roof
The Hot Momma's
I think I know where Alistair gets his sense of humor
Me and my Daddy being silly on top of the roof.
Over looking the city as a whole ! From the top of the observatory

Thanks Chad, Angie and Liam for a great Visit and see you again real soon !

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One year ago today......

Alistair Travis McNeill came into this world

One year ago today our biggest adventure began ! Our amazing little boy was born into this world at 1:02am Tuesday November 4th 2008, Election day ! He weighed 7lbs 21 1/2 lbs of perfection. You know how mothers always say that "you forget about the labor pain and all we go through during the pregnancy" well thats a joke ! I remember everything and I would do it all again in a heartbeat for this little guy.
There has been unspeakable joy moments and fearful and scary moments throughout his ONE year.
I can say this with joyful tears in my eyes, that he makes us so happy to be his parents and to see all the wonders of this crazy world with him.
Alistair has been from one corner of the country to other and back ! We have so many more places and things to show him.

Monday, November 2, 2009

1st Birthday Party went off without a hitch/witch!

For Alistair's 1st birthday we decided to have it take place on Halloween, because its the Saturday before his birthday on the 4th ! We put up a backdrop for pictures and had lots of treats to eat and games to play. Alistair had a wonderful day. The Pavnicks were our costume winners and they came as PC and MAC.
Here are some of the pictures of our guests !

Reanne and Isabelle
Krazy Kate!

Excellent Elijah !
Grandma McNeill

Kate and Alistair

Nana and Alistair
The Magical McNeill's
Steven and Elijah
The Silly Simpsons
The Pretty Pavnicks
The Optimistic Offutts
The Dashing Davis'
Jamie and Haley

Jamie and Jayden

The Happy Heather and Jordan
The Cute Pie Colton
The Beautiful Blechs

1st birthday cake was decorated like a pumpkin
Meltdown..too many cameras and too much sugar....what do you expect me to do with this ??
After awhile he got the hang of it

Alistair was spoiled with so many presents from his friends and family ! A little leary about Mr. Blue Man Group reading his cards
Thanks you to everyone that made Alistair's first birthday so much fun. He'll be turning 1 on the 4th , so we are really excited about that too :)