Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun In Planes

Alistair has just about grown out of his bathub.
I love this picture, gonna have to get this blown up and hung in the nursery

We started the weekend off with some bathtime fun. Alistair learned what splashing does and how mommy and daddy react when they get wet. I can't show the video due to the . But oh what a show it was ! Anyone wanting a Shamu Splash line up for bathtime with Alistair.

This weekend was quite fun, we spent the day taking some pictures with friends of ours the Blech's and then heading over to Jeff's company party for fun with one of the pilot's toy planes. The Plane was perfect for Alistair to sit in. 
Sunday we took some shots of our dear friend, Deon. The pictures will be shown on Jeff's photography blog for viewing in a couple of days. 

Getting ready for another week ahead of us.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Date Night at the Ranch

The Ranch was filled with Peacocks and Roosters . Lots of noisy birds to sing to us.
A grapevine off to the side of the Ranch, didn't see any grapes but I found this good looking man
Tons of Roses there as well , this one smelled delicious.

Jeff and I were priviledged to have a "date Night" Sunday night , while Grandma watched Alistair. We wanted to do something fun and with little money spent , soooooo we did the following:
Jeff had these TGI Fridays coupons for 1 cent appetizers and I enjoyed the Green Bean Fry's with Wasabi sauce...pretty good, Jeff had the chicken Nachos..(fattening).
Afterward we grab the camera and went shooting at the Sahauro Ranch Park off of 59th and Cactus. We snapped pictures till the sun went down. I have little experience with the camera but I thought I took some pretty good ones of Jeff that night. We had to top off the evening with a Midnight Truffle Blizzard from Dairy Queen in which we shared.
Thanks Grandma for watching Alistair for us and thanks babe for such a wonderful date night.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We were On TV today !

We were on FOX 10 on Cory's Corner!

Check out the link:

Yesterday Alistair and I were asked to come back to the Glendale Library today because Fox 10 was going to be there doing stories on "kids at the Library" . Well as usual there was alot of footage to be edited and cut by the time the story was produced on the news, but you can see us standing near the Talking Horse and the Cowboy .

Alistair is wearing a little baseball outfit with red and white socks and I'm hiding behind a bookshelf.

The Talking was really cute, they had to walk him straight through the front door to get to the children's sections.

We even came uncomfortably close to an Albino Boa Constrictor and a Baby Red Fox.
Alistair was so amazing by the animals and all the TV cameras that he is now exhausted and taking a nice nap.

I'm going to try and order the Story Tape Fox did today so that we can have it to look back on in the future.

Did I mention we love the library?

Monday, April 13, 2009

An Easter Celebration!

Easter wore him out !
Such a handsome little dude!
Jeff took some pretty amazing pictures of our little man ! I think Alistair will be pretty used to the camera by the time he's 6 months

What a lovely Easter Morning it was , we all got up early and eat a breakfast of scrambled eggs and coffee , had some family time before going to church at 11:30am. Jeff made this amazing Cheesecake and I made Flemming's Scalloped Pototoes to bring over to our dear friends , Jay and Amie's where they had prepared 2 roasted chickens and some Brusselsprout hash....I had two helpings of that stuff and I have never cared for brusselsprouts.

We wore poor Alistair out with lots of pictures of him with his Easter eggs in the grass, even Mommy and Daddy were tired when we got home.

thanks Jay and Amie for such a great time and being such good friends to us.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Library Hopping !

Well some people "bar hop" , well Alistair and I library hop!

We've gone to 4 different libraries for Baby storytimes:
Surprise Branch on Thursdays at 9:30am (we swamp weeks with Foothills)
Glendale Main Branch on Tuesdays at 9:30am
Foothills Branch on Thursday at 9:30am
Velma Teage Branch on Wednsdays at 11am

We meet other babies and moms who are looking for a half hour of their busy day to stop and read, sing and act like babies.
The storytimes are free and you don't need to be a member of the library or have a library card.

We really enjoy our librarians , especially those that remember our names when we walk in.
Some of the libraries even offer free books to the babies and moms that finish their homework called the "itty bitty readers" chart.

Just thought we would share what mommy and Alistair do part of the week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ready for Summer?

So this will be baby Alistair's first Summer, I'm a little worried. Just thinking about how hot the car gets with its in the parking for 5 min let alone an hour.
All the new things I have to think about now like: air conditioning needs to be on full blast before we get in, pants and blankets need to be stripped off before he can sit back down into his carseat, Cool teething rings need to be placed in the baby bag for sore gums (gotta think about how to keep them cold), gotta test the seat belt straps before putting them over babies head. Take out paci's and toys so they don't melt in the car and so much more.......
I guess you can say I'm not ready for the 100's yet.

Here are some pictures we just took of the little man:

Our little 5 month old as of next week, can't believe the time has flown by so fast.

Little feet in the air, with his Dr. Suess pants on !

Our little clown in daddy's favorite outfit....haha