Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Will he be Wearing this Friday?

I couldn't resist this adorable costume I found at Pottery Barn Kids this Saturday on my first day off bedrest. The question is will he be here to Wear it? He's been so very calm these few days , only one short visit to triage on Saturday night after walking the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. I was experiencing very intense contractions about 4min apart with back pain, so we really thought this was it. We were wrong when he decided to make us look like fools and stop contracting for me.
He's weighing in currently at 6lb 10oz on Monday morning and I think if I go full term he'll be at a possible 10lbs....I sure hope not anyway.
Dr. says she'll induce us by a week early due to the pupps I've been blessed with (rash) I'm trying to build up some strength and energy for the labor ahead, being on bedrest has really caused me to be really weak and tired.
Somehow I have this feeling he'll be here soon , so I'm getting a bit restless and doing alot of walking and drinking raspberry tea.
I've really had an easy pregnancy up until 33 weeks , so I'm grateful for that. Thanks to all the calls and people checking in on me , its really been encouraging to know I have team of fanastic Alistair fans !!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Time

Jeff choose a Celtic design, after all Halloween is an Irish Holiday

Halfway there , pumpkin's material is plastic and hard foam, it will share many years with us

Great job Honey ! Happy Halloween Everyone

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Operation Incubator

soooo....I now have the most important job in the world! I am now an incubator for our son till his birth. Doctors orders from the hospital are to lie flat on my sides and only to get up to use the restroom and shower. Of course there is the one a only outting to the Doctors office to be checked every week. None the less Alistair will be coming in the next week or so and this will all be worth it. As of now I am 60% efaced and 2cm dialated. He's weighs approx 5 lbs and is quite long for his age. We spoke with the NICU Dr. Stevenson and he calmed some fears regarding Alistairs possible stay. Being an icubator on my birthday will be trying and difficult, but my wonderful husband says he'll be making the day special regardless.
Speaking of my husband ..... What a man! He really has proved his love for our little family by showing ultimate patience and care for us while we are going through this little period waiting and being completely incapable of doing my normal daily activities. From being my nurse's assistant in the hospital for three days to my Rock at home! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will be as good a father to our son, when he finally arrives.
Been catching up on reading,crocheting and watching some "Baby Stories" on TLC. Being an incubator has been HARD for a very impatient and a little OCD woman as myself ,but its also been a learning experience .
So ready to be the mommy to our early little pumpkin , how great it is to share the same birth month as your child :)
Stay in tune for the ARRIVAL!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a weekend!

This weekend has been a memorable one. It started with a nice relaxing Saturday morning to Page Springs winery with our friends Jay and Amie. We had a great day of relaxation with a nice picnic next to the creek that runs through the winery. From there we went to Jerome for some afternoon coffee and just a visit to one of Arizona's more interesting cities. While there, we literally ran into Maynard Keenan, who is the lead singer of the band Tool and now a successful wine maker. Saturday was a great day full of friends, wine, and celebrities.

Sunday came along and we went for a nice car ride to the airport to pick up my mom. Later on we went to her house to drop her off and had the idea of going for a nice little swim to help take the pressure off Tara's back. Well, lets just say Alistair was not going to have any of that. Instead Tara started having contractions and after an hour of them we decided it would be best to make our way over to the hospital. It seems as though Alistair was trying to come into the world a little early than what was expected. After a couple more hours of contractions and the nursing staff out of tricks up their sleeve's, Tara was admitted to the hospital for further observation and to stop the contractions. During this time Tara was poked, prodded and thoroughly examined and even now I find myself learning what an amazing woman I have for a wife. We have been seen by a couple different doctors who really do not have any concern if Alistair was to come today, but they would prefer if he baked a little longer. The baby is in great shape and is doing great. Tara is quite tired and a little stir crazy being confined to the bed. All in all, everything is going good for Tara and Alistair. We should be released from the hospital today and on our way back home. What a weekend!!!