Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Father's Day Jeff

I married an amazing man , who became an even more amazing father to our little man and soon to be daughter on the way. This is Jeff's Second Father's day and we were all so grateful he was able to be here to celebrate it with us. Jeff flew in from Cleveland the night before and was exhausted, but gave us such a great time while he was here.

Took the men to see Toy Story 3! After dropping Poppa off at the airport , we caught the first show of the day. It was a great start day to our very exciting day with Daddy
Alistair even got his own seat at the movies
exhausted after soooo much fun
For the fans! Autumn was happy Daddy was home for Father's day, lots of kicking and moving about
Yes he made dinner on his day, what a guy. Gotta a great recipe from my eating well magazine that Rosanna sent me and we made corn and basil fritters along with grilled chicken and steak. We have loads of fresh Basil if any one is in need of some
I keep him around for his pancake making he says
Brought the "B" to the park. Alistair likes to call his tricycle his "B" for short

Fishing at the Park ...no bites but still alot of fun
I love you Baby, your an amazing father to Alistair and now Autumn. I couldn't ask for a better man as a husband

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hanging out with my Cousins

Alistair cousins Kincaid, Kelton, Keegan , Kypton and his Aunt Jen came to visit us from Colorado for a couple of weeks and here's all the fun times we had! We will be there in a week or two for Kypton's Baptism on July 4th.
Alistair is till wandering the house looking for them now

Fun with Paint...lots of interesting pictures were created
Have with hats. Kincaid as a pilot, Kelton as a cowboy and Keegan as a Fireman
Baby Kypton enjoying the wine basket and an empty bottle
Alistair had a little accident before we went to the aquarium and Mommy forgot to bring an extra pair of paint that day, so he danced pantless
Making homemade cheese pizza, yum with Kincaid and Kelton
Even with Jelly all over my mouth, Mommy still loves me
Our visit to Cornville one day at the Page Springs Winery

As you can see the sandbox was a hit amoung other things