Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our New Business

So we decided to put our talents to use and start our photography business JAT Art ! We would like to invite you to view our website at and let us know what you think of it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Visit To Aunt Shawn's

A big smile for Aunt Shawn !

Grammy,Pete,Bella,Aunt Shawn and Alistair

We took a journey to the country part of Florida where Aunt Shawn lives in . We were welcomed warming and wetly by the dogs Pete and Bella. Alistair loves animals and laughed while they kissed him hello. Aunt Shawn's house was beauitfully decorated and I do believe she has alot of talent. Mariner and Grammy took Alistair to tea to meet up with Mariner's long time friend Ann. After that we went to Yamato for Sushi (I did not partake) and walked around the Wiregrass Outdoor Shopping Mall. The day was lovely but as you can see the pictures , little Alistair was quite pooped at the end of the day. Aunt Shawn will be coming to our neck of the woods later this week for more fun.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Grillin and Chillin

*disclaimer* the baby never actually touched the beer it was photoshopped in !
The water was excellent and the sun came out just for us and hasn't rained since we got here

Mariner grilling up some Nathan's hot dogs and some chicken ones for me

Barbara and Grammy have been friends since they were in 4th grade

Sunday afternoon after we got all settled in we started cooking up a storm and found some time to eat and play in the pool a bit. It was Uncle Daryl's Birthday so we had some old family friends over and made him a BLACK MAGIC CAKE to die for! Alistair got to enjoy his new ladybug float and sip on some beer...just kidding Daddy !! I was so happy when he took a 3 hour nap that day...he is now sleep on his sides and even on his tummy for added comfort.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Arrived Finally

two very cool guys hanging out with their shades on!
One very tired baby getting all that jet fuel smell off of him

Cereal time, nice big dinner to fill him up before bedtime

Spoiled with new toys to try out. Grammy shows him how to bounce

After about a 8.5 hour travel yesterday we arrived safely in Tampa. There is no rain yet to be seen since we arrived in fact. One word described Alistair and I "exhausted" . We are settling in today and can't wait for the fun filled week to begin. Alistair met his Uncle Daryl for the first time and GiGi finally got to hold him. Mariner fed him his cereal and gave him a wonderful relaxing bath . Because we are trying to keep him on the "arizona time" schedule we are a little off then everyone else. I'm still trying to catch up on some sleep , but loving every minute of watching Alistair with his Florida family. We got Daddy on speaker phone so that Alistair would calm down from wondering where he was. I got some great big mosqutio bites already that a little cortisone helped with the sting. You know your in Florida when your hair never drys!!

Keep checking the blog for daily updates

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Florida Trip Part II

So if all goes well for us tomorrow , we will be taking flight to Tampa Bay once again to see Grand Mariner, Grammy, GiGi , Rosanna , Shawn and Angela ! I'm very excited about this trip because Alistair is 6 months old now and does so many incrediable things now. I think he's gonna blow everyone away with his new tricks . 
We were trying to leave yesterday but our Non-Reving experience wasn't in our favor. The loads were outragous and looked like no hope for the whole week. Then my wonderful husband calls this morning and says we still have benefits with another airline that has direct flights to Florida and they have 3 seats available for tomorrow flight. We will still have to pay for a ticket there, but its about 30 % of a normal tickets with our benefits. Prices of tickets are so expensive that we would have never been able to travel if we didn't have these flight priviledges. I am so grateful for the job my husband had because of this very reason! We are really counting on the enconomy turning around again for all the airlines, pilots and their families.

Watch for Florida adventures

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Going Organic with Baby Food

Alistair's first Vegetable ! Carrots ! Lots of Vitamen C and good for those amazing eyes of his.
Daddy making mush out of the boiled carrots, need muscles for that ricer of ours
Carrots needed to be boiled in water and a little butter about 25 min till they were the right texture. 

So we decided to try the organic way of feeding our son, by stopping by at whole foods on the way home from our 6 month checkup to pick up his first ever vegtables.  We settled on carrots, we have found that they are easier on the tummy and also the very first reciepe in our baby food cookbook. We admit it was very time consuming to make 3 lbs of carrots to the perfect texture for picky baby's mouth , but we got about a jar and a half out of it. 
As you can see Alistair wasn't all too sure of the orange creation we made him, but he seemed to get adjusted quickly the next couple of days or so. Dr. said to introduce him to a new vegetable every week, I think we'll try squash on Monday? Its a pure joy to finally show him there's tasty things out there beside milk and rice cereal. Looking forward to all the new foods we can make for him and see how he reacts. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My First Mother's Day

Jeff and Alistair took me bowling this Mother's Day, our combined score was 245 , mine score being the lower part. We Haven't bowled since before Alistair was born so I needed alot of practice

I'm a happy momma with my amazing son Alistair! Thank You for making my 1st Mother's day Great
Grandma/Nana and her newest Great Grandchild , Elijah makes nine of them !
New Mom Amanda and her Beauitful son Elijah , what a privledge to be born mother's day week
Jordan was some of the entertainment at Aunt Judy's and Uncle Dave's 

Awe... what a beauitful weekend with my family. Thank you Jeff and Alistair for making this day so special to me . I love you guys, nothing in this world is as important to me than you.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Alistair is ....1/2 year/ 6 months/ 180 days /26 weeks...

6 months
5 months

3 months
2 months

1 month

I just can't believe our baby boy has been in our lives this long. All the things we've learned from each other and how much we've learned about ourselves. Its simply been the most amazing adventure we've had so far. He's brought so much joy and happiness to us, but he's also brought on some fears too. Trying to be the best parents we can is so hard at times. We have our faults and we are certainly not perfect people. Alistair has grown into a happy little dude and has tons of personality. 

In 6 months He's :
been across the country at 
been in a plane 4 times and 4 more times the end of this month
outgrown 50 outfits and 2 sizes in diapers
graduated to baby cereal
slept in a log cabin
been hiking in several mountains
had 6 major holidays

Happy 6 month Birthday Alistair!