Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grandparents came to town !

Boys day out ! The three fellows got to watch the Indians Game and they won!!
Alistair enjoyed watching the Baseball game from the 3 row up from home base
What a view
Some fun panoramic views with the camera

Next day , Grandma, Alistair Autumn and I got to do some geocaching , this first cache started the haunted trail path
Took at look at the Rocky River Nature Center
Mr. Man doesn't like to pose on the spot, I guess thats for girls

Group Photo
We took a little trip to Olmstead Falls to see the covered bridges and do some more caching

Lots of fun with the grandparents, we will be visiting them next week in AZ !

Rocket Man

So over the past couple of months, Alistair has grown "obsessed " with Rockets! I think it stemmed from a book I read to him by Bryon Barton called Astronaut. I crazy how he went from Airplanes (I mean of course ) to Trains and now to Rockets
Every sentence starts and ends with "rocketship" and "Alistair the Astronaut", "Mommy look at the Satellite " , "Mommy's car is a Rocketship"...then he goes " Daddy's car is a racecar "hahaha.
We can't wait to take him to the NASA space center by the airport this Summer and also theirs a Rocket and Airplane Museum in Dayton we will check out as well
Daddy went and got Alistair a real Rocketship while Mommy was a work this week and oh boy oh boy what fun
The Boy and his Rocket!