Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birthdays 1 and 3 !

Crazy having to kids bdays less then 24hrs apart. This year was our first experience with it, so we decided to play this year cool and stay home with cake/presents. We all thought it resembled Christmas, so I think this maybe part one Christmas ...oh boy
We got a big bday surprise when Gma flew in from AZ on Thursday night, I almost dropped the baby when I saw her come down the stairs...Jeff and her had it all planned.
Saturday morning we made breakfast then brought the kids down to open presents...boy do we have spoiled little kids. I made each kiddo their own cakes one chocolate for the bday boy and one strawberry for the bday girl. Took of all the clothes just in case and boy was that a good idea. Right to the bath tub with them afterwards. After the morning festivities we went to Penisula and Hudson to check it out, two pretty cool towns. Later after Starbucks treat of course, we went to Swings and Things and Daddy and Alistair rode on the race track...Alistair was in heaven , he's got the need for speed for sure.
Sunday (today) was nothing but clean up and lots of naptime..ahhh what a great bday weekend

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